Michael Trent

Serving Leaders & Organizations in Life, Business, and Ministry


For decades this has been my life – Connecting People, Developing Leaders, and Funding Causes by doing my best to make every individual and organization I serve to be better by bringing out the very best inside of them.


I love to help create environments that engage all five senses and that lend to the best opportunity for people to have conversation.  I still believe in the power that exists in face-to-face interaction; in looking into someone’s eyes, in hearing the tone of their voice, and in being fully engaged in communicating the way were designed.

I’m in a season of my life where I will be the parent of a teenager for twenty straight years.  This means that my parental peers are in their 20’s and even their 80’s; from playing tennis to using tennis balls for walkers.  For much of my life I have been the youngest guy in the room (that inevitably changes) and I have always been a part of multiple generations.  Many great things are happening around us today, but the greatest things I see happening – the things that have the most potential longevity and legacy – are those where multiple generations are collaborating.

My purpose and passion is to keep leaders leading and pastors pastoring by working to help them and their organizations get and stay healthy. For more than 20 years I served in and with churches; I have started my own businesses and I help others do the same.  I’m thankful for my formal education that includes undergraduate work focused on ministry and pastoral development from Lee University; and graduate work in organizational leadership and development from Regent University.  I’m also grateful for Church of the Highlands – my church home for nearly a decade.  I have and will continue to learn through mentors, mistakes, successes, failures…..and from getting knock down and learning to get backup onto life’s dance floor because the rhythm of life keeps on playing.


I’ve helped start ministries, businesses, ministries in businesses, businesses in ministries, for profit, not-for-profit, and need-more-profit or we will be non-profit. Collaborated hundreds of mutually beneficial business and ministry opportunities, connected thousands of people relationally, and been responsible for millions of dollars in generated revenue and non-profit funding.



Looking at where you are and being able to observe, adapt, and offer practical advice for making things healthier.

Business Development
Third Places
Human Elements
Creating Community



Everyone needs a coach.  Someone to help them get started; someone to help get things unstuck and keep momentum, and someone who will pull out them the potential and ability to finish well – whatever goal, challenge, or opportunity is set before them.

Life Coaching & Organizational Development
Transitions & Next Steps
Personal & Professional Development
Business & Ministry
Design & Development



Whether it’s for an event, meeting, or project – bringing together the right team is often necessary and the truth is…it’s simply more fun and a healthier way of accomplishing anything.

Design Projects
Meeting Facilitator
Marketing & Creative Team Member
Stage Host, Party Host, Emcee


The General Practitioner

:: definition

:  a professional whose practice is not limited to a specialty;

:  one who provides purposeful general care, familiar with a wide-range of conditions and issues;

:  serving as primary care and are usually a first point of contact for those in need of evaluation and care;

:  often establishing relationships that allow for long term health and preventative care;

:  collaborating and referring specialists in particular areas when appropriate and necessary.

Over the past twenty years, I’ve come to realize, the characteristics of a General Practitioner are all the things I do on a daily basis.  No matter what role, responsibility, or revenue level, this is what I have always done in serving people and organizations.


What others say

“You saved us 10s of thousands of dollars in the first 24 hours you were here…”

“Every time we talk I am challenged, inspired, and feel healthier.”

“Michael creates needed tension, then demands healthy resolution, like a leading tone…”

“Your insight and imagination has brought hope and life to our church.”

“Michael’s ability to interpret and translate our situation was priceless.”

“Details have become more clear to me because of the input and relationship we have had…”


Why I’m asked to help

:  Evaluate Conditions

:  Interpret & Translate Options

:  Recognize & Create Opportunities

:  Encourage & Offer Perspective

:  Provide Business & Ministry Development

:  Place Design Consulting & Collaboration

:  Strategic Planning for Next Steps

:  Personal & Professional Transitions



I’m often brought in for one thing and then called on to advise and coach in other areas.  I help people both personally and professionally; businesses whether existing or start-up; and ministries like churches and non-profits to get healthy and grow.

Adding value by saving time, money, and by creating and improving on revenue sources through making clarifying observations to help you get and stay healthy as an individual and organization, because healthy people make healthy organizations and leave lasting legacies.

Looking at where you are | Where you want to be | And doing what it takes to get you there.

Third Place Consulting

In creating these environments, I collaborate with architects, designers, and specialists to create places such as cafes, coffeehouses, student centers, office environments and lounges. Working from concept to operations, to develop the approach that is right, the design and layout that fits, and the plan necessary to reach and exceed the organization’s goals.  You can learn more at Third Place Consulting.

Third Place Consulting

Creating Cafes & Connecting Environments